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  1. On The Trail
    Hey Folks, It's been YEARS since I've been on this forum. I still have my TJ and don't really ride like I used to anymore (sadly). But I'm flying out to Denver Colorado in the hopes of getting some jeep action. I have experience wheeling in almost all terrain and such blah blah but I'm...
  2. On The Trail
    Anyone know of good trails in Hayward Wisconsin? Nothing too extreme but yet off road.
  3. Washington Jeep Forum
    Being a Jeep owner since May of 2019 we naturally wanted to meet up with other 4X4 off pavement enthusiasts. We lucked out because there is a club in Wenatchee which is only 30 miles from our home. The Wenatchee Trailseekers are part of the Pacific Northwest 4X4 Association. There are real...
  4. JK General Discussion
    anyone going or want to go to red river gorge. im planing on going tomorrow( aug 24). i know good amount of trails if u dont. please let me know if i anyone is going
  5. YJ Technical Discussion
    Hi Everybody, Long time lurker, first time poster. You all have provided a wealth of knowledge which has allowed me to enjoy my first year of Jeep ownership. I've gotten good answers and solid advice on a variety of issues I've had with my hand-me-down 1990 YJ 4.2L. But I find today that I...
  6. JK General Discussion
    Looking for suggestions on Jeep events that I should add to my list for 2019. My family and I have attended the Gateway to the Cumberland Jeep Jamboree in 2018, went to the Silver Lake Jeep Invasion in 2018, and went to the Jeep the Mac in both 2017 and 2018. All great events, and want to plan...
  7. Wisconsin Jeep Forum
    Greetings! So we started this thing under Wrangler Riders but then changed the main non-profit to the Road Legal 4WD Association so we can help get more clubs going and provide them with the tools to get trails up and running. We run like a private registration program since Wisconsin doesn't...
  8. On The Trail
    Here are the riding events for 2018 in Wisconsin (ish) thus far. See all events at - May 5th Valders, WI May 5th and 6th Camp Weekend 2018 May 5th and 6th Camp Weekend 2018 Details to follow.
  9. JK General Discussion
    I'll be traveling out to Keystone, CO Sept. 12-15 & looking for any advice on "must-do" trails in the area & tips for running them. Hopefully the snow won't be flying, as it looks like there are some awesome high-altitude trails! Will be running a mostly stock JKU-X on minor lift, A/T's & a...
  10. Wisconsin Jeep Forum
    We had a great time at our first Winter Camp! Check out our upcoming events at -
  11. On The Trail
    Heard there were some trails headed into Lebanon from Murfreesboro, off of 231, anyone got info on em?
  12. Wisconsin Jeep Forum
    Built 3 new trails during this work day! Was an amazing amount of progress in only one day. 3 new advanced trails complete with hills obstacles and tight turns. The main hill we added will also be used for our educational workshops on how to properly navigate hills. The largest crawling boulder...
  13. Wisconsin Jeep Forum
    If you haven't already, please fill out a survey for each of these areas of the state. Indicate you want more Road Legal 4WD (RL4WD) trails and parks. Hurry though, as these links will expire soon. Crosspost and share with everyone! Lake Winnebago Waters Region -...
  14. Wisconsin Jeep Forum
    There are two major events happening today. First at 3:30pm, some of the Wisconsin 4WD groups will be meeting to discuss the formation of a statewide 4wd council that will represent all of us politically. More info on that here -...
  15. New York Jeep Forum
    Anyone know of [legal] trails to bring some Jeeps somewhat near the NY/CT border? Have a few jeeps that are looking to get off pavement Sunday
  16. JK General Discussion
    hey all! I just got my Wrangler last night and was wondering what trails you guys would recommend in New York. I'm looking for somewhat beginner trails for now because my baby is unfortunately a lease so I can't be too rough with it...........yet.....
  17. JK General Discussion
    I discovered this site a few months ago and have been reading/using it more lately. I like the layout better than similar sites that I have seen such as dirtopia. Haven't seen many comment on it here. Anyone use it? They are asking for feedback as well as contributors in order to make the...
  18. Oregon Jeep Forum
    Just got a 2013 JKU sahara, all stock on worn tires. Just curious if there were some light off road trails near to dip toes in the water. Thanks!
  19. JK General Discussion
    Looking for input: still winter at home here in Colorado, but road-tripping out to Death Valley next week for the trails. Currently have set of Blizzak-DM-V2s on. Should I swap back to "regular" for this trip (which would require me to put snow tires BACK on again for a second swap upon return)...
1-19 of 111 Results