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  1. YJ General Discussion
    Hi! i have a 1994 Jeep Wragler Sahara, and im planning on driving it all the way down to Argentina. The trip is going to take around 5 months, trying to go through as many countries as possible on the way. I was thinking of installing a roof rack and a roof tent over it. New ones are pretty...
  2. On The Trail
    Hi Jeepers! I'm planning to attend the EJS on Moab, probably just the first days. Now, my full trip starts in Calgary, Alberta. I'll be going down to Las Vegas to meet some relatives. Then I'll be going from Las Vegas to Moab, and I'll have about 3 days for that section of the trip. This is...
  3. On The Trail
    With the great success we had the last 3 years, with somewhere around 20 folks showing up for the first year and 30+ rigs and even more people last two years, and the great expressed interest of all those involved, I think it is time to start planning for our next trip out. Same rules etc...
  4. Oregon Jeep Forum
    Hey everyone - Some friends and I have been planning this trip for a while, and we are leaving on Thursday.:punk: We want to make the most of the 4-5 days we'll be gone and I was wondering if anyone here has done these trails or jeeped in the area... Any feedback or tips appreciated. Scott
  5. Arizona Jeep Forum
    Anyone interested in heading up to the Dragoons this weekend let me know (21st or 22nd April). East of Tombstone. Not super difficult but fun nonetheless.
  6. Utah Jeep Forum
    Hey. I need some jeeping buddies bad. Im a high schooler, live up north and love goin down to moab with my wrangler. I just need some partners to go with me. anybody up for the challenge? :punk:
  7. TJ General Discussion
    anyone going up to rausch today or tomorrow? i have a friend lookin for a group to wheel with
  8. Ontario
    Who here doesn't like road trips?! Even better - a road trip out to a Jeep Jamboree?! :drool: I am thinking about checking out one of the events... (Pretty sure my friends are not gonna be down for it considering they already gag and whine whenever I wave at another Jeeper...) Check out the...
  9. JK General Discussion
    hey all was wondering how many people there are here from New Jersey, and in advance seeing if there could be a meet somewhere, some of my friends in other forums for other vehicles all meet up some times, but instead of meeting somewhere on the streets we could meet on some trails, so was...
  10. TJ Technical Discussion
    I got in my jeep about a week ago and my odo. reads 888888. I put my acc. fuse back in and it still reads 8's. My trip still keeps miles, and it still lets me know I have no fuse when I have it out. But won't show my mileage. Any ideas as to what it could be?
1-11 of 12 Results