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  1. Tires & Wheels
    I have Level 8 Tracker rims on my Jeep. I need to replace the push through center caps. However, they are discontinued. I have heard there are aftermarket ones that will work but I have no idea on where to find them. Please help! 18” lt275/65 r18 tire size 5 lug I think it’s a 112.50 or...
  2. Classifieds Archive
    Selling a set of BRAND NEW Body Armor 4x4 GEN 3 Trail Doors for a Wrangler Unlimited JK. Sold as a set only. No part out. Local pick up only for the greater Miami-Dade/Broward County Area. PM me if interested. PRICE: $650 OBO
  3. First Wrangler

    My first Jeep Wrangler and first manual! Registered Nurse from Cincinnati, OH. Married, mom of three. JKUWW will be a daily driver, hoping to off-road with the family soon. Any advice for a newbie is welcomed.
  4. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi guys, I have a 2014 wrangler unlimited sport (billet silver metallic.) I currently have the rubicon wheels with the 33" mud tires (don't hate thats how I bought it.) I'm looking to make my first upgrade but I'm not sure what to go with first. Looking for suggestions... I know ultimately it's...
  5. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey everyone!! This might be a long-ish post, so I'm sorry in advance. I need all the advice I can get on whether or not I should buy out my jeep or not. Here's the story: I have a 2016 Saraha Unlimited that I leased starting in July 2016. My lease is up this October (2019). I went into...
  6. JK Tech Forum
    I am currently looking at a 2014 JK Sport that I am incredibly interested in. Looking at the rust, I am not sure whether I should make this purchase or not. It had come from Minnesota, but the owner now lives in Seattle. Thoughts and opinions are incredibly appreciated.
  7. JK General Discussion Forum
    Desperately need help right now.. currently installing the front Smittybilt XRC Body Armor Fenders on my '11 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon and running into a problem on the passenger side regarding the antenna wiring. I already have the plastic antenna mast removed (had to brake the thing off...
  8. JK General Discussion Forum
    So I bought My brand new 2016 Jeep Wrangler unlimited sport (4 door) a couple weeks ago and I am looking to upgrade the heck out of it but I would like suggestions from the people who have been around the block a million times. First off, I have 225 size tires, and I am looking to buy possibly...
  9. JK Build Forum
    Picked up a Mopar 2" lift on Black Friday. Started the install this morning! Finished the front and the drive shaft install today. I'll wrap up the rear tomorrow. ​
  10. JK Tech Forum
    Hey everyone, im completely new this this as I come from the mustang world. I just picked up my first jeep last week its a 08 JK unlimited with 30k miles and ive noticed when I hit speed bumps I get this really annoying and concerning noise. If anyone has heard it before it know what it...
  11. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hello. I am new to all of this. I am looking to buy a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 2007+ for $20k or less with less than 70k miles. Where is the best place to look? I am from Raleigh, North Carolina and have been looking on websites like for a month and cannot find one. Any advice...
  12. JK Pics Forum
    I want to see some pics of different lifts and tire sizes. Im new to the jeep community and want to make sure I achieve the look I want for my jeep. I will be a weekend off roader so I do want a good/practical: setup for things like that. Anyway just post your pics and mention what size lift and...
  13. JK General Discussion Forum
    Looking to upgrade wheels/tires on my '14 JK Unlimited. Currently stocked with factory. Found the wheels - but looking for recommendation on tires. Going 18", want off road look but not too large/extreme. Was considering Nitto Terra Grappler, but not sure. Willing to spend $250/per.
  14. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi All, I am brand new to the forum and the proud owner of a new '14 JKU Sport S. I decided to go with the leather trimmed seats and was wondering if any of you have had bad experiences with the leather getting damaged from the sunlight when the top is off and it is parked for a period of...
  15. JK Tech Forum
    I am getting the Viper 4105VB installed in my 2014 Wrangler Unlimited. The guy at Best Buy said I need a bypass module. I've looked all over the web for one for the 2014 Unlimited and can't find one. Does anyone know of one and where I can get it? Thanks.
  16. JK General Discussion Forum
    So I finally bought 2013 wrangler unlimited sport. I had it for maybe 3 months before someone pulled out in front of me and I hit her going 55. Her insurance so far has paid 14k to fix it, including a new cross member and frame pull. Ive already brought it back 5 times to fix problems. Going...
1-16 of 26 Results