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  1. Sky fall

    Sky fall

    Out at a nature preserve last fall. First fall with a Jeep and I loved it. The paint isn't so pretty anymore, but hey, it's still awesome.
  2. Ever want to do The Escaltor in Moab, but worried about body damage?

    Rancho Suspension
    We have been real busy hitting some of the cool trails and obstacles out West and filming them in 360 for you to check out! Here is the link to all the trails: Rancho® 360 Trail View VR And the one we uploaded to YouTube!
  3. Moab Easter Jeep Safari 2017 - Day 1 Photo Recap

    Trail Pics
    Not only was this my first time in Moab, it was the first time traveling further west than Nashville, TN. What an incredible spot Moab is! Here are some of my photos from what was the hardest (and most fun) week of work in my life: Day: Sunday, April 9th Trail: Hell's Revenge Rides: RIPP...
  4. There and Back again Florida to Idaho with a [email protected] Max camper

    General Jeep Discussion
    A hopefully interesting trip report of our first big run in our ´16 JKU hauling our new [email protected] Max teardrop travel trailer. The Rig ´16 JKU with ´15 [email protected] Max camper from Little guy RV: The numbers: 15 days 5281 total miles 438 miles without the camper $743.74 in gas (about 15mpg overall) 3.21...
  5. Ideal Jeep Build for Colorado

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I'd like to start a thread on everyone's thoughts regarding the ideal Jeep build for Colorado. Let me start by describing the way this Jeep is likely to be used. This build will be capable of running rough 4x4 roads, mountain passes and approaches to major mountains. I would like to build...
  6. Michigan to Utah, Advice Needed

    General Jeep Discussion
    Hey everyone! with my life changing I am planning a move from here in Michigan to Utah where my fiancee received a job in Salt Lake City. Well I have always been a fan of wranglers and after going hiking in the Uintas and driving around seeing so many wranglers I decided I'm just gunna do it...
  7. Jeepers near American Fork

    Utah Jeep Forum
    Hey all, are there any groups close to American Fork? There are a lot of great runs around here but it is way more enjoyable with other people to egg you on. I suspect that there are at least one or two somewhere around here.
  8. Has Anyone Been to the Moab event?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I have been there but not to one of these events and I'm wondering if it's worth the money for the two days. Already registered but was wanting some feed back from someone who's been.
  9. American Fork Canyon, Heading Home

    American Fork Canyon, Heading Home

  10. American Fork Canyon Mud

    American Fork Canyon Mud

  11. Muley Point

    Muley Point

    Edge of Muley Point
  12. Cg On Snow Flat Rd, Ut

    Cg On Snow Flat Rd, Ut

    Looking west on Snow Flat Rd, just above the Twist
  13. Cg On Snow Flat Rd, Ut

    Cg On Snow Flat Rd, Ut

    Looking east, on Snow Flat Rd, at the Anticline. Just above the Twist
  14. EJS 2013: best time to attend?

    On The Trail
    I'm trying to schedule some vacation time and lodging for the EJS. I've seen a few people mention that they wouldn't make a vacation out of that time because there tends to be some pretty big crowds. Would it be a better idea to head to Moab a few days before EJS or arrive in the middle of EJS...
  15. Utah Moab Area 1.4 Million Acre Monument Proposal

    Land Use Forum
    I'm from Monticello in SE Utah. The Outdoor Industry Association recently sent a letter signed by over 100 businesses asking him to declare a "Greater Canyonlands" National Monument. It is 1.4 million acres (slightly less than the state of Delaware). It would certainly have a detrimental...
  16. A Day in The West Desert, UT

    Trail Pics
    Went out to the west desert with some friends. Climbed some hills and drank some beers.