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  1. TJ General Discussion
    I have a 2006 Wrangler with the inline six, 4.0L engine with only 80k miles and well taken care of. It's all stock. Trying to track down an oil drip. It's at the front of the engine. Leak is only a couple drops a day. Had a mechanic tell me it may be from a warped valve cover. Is this a trait of...
  2. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hi guys, new to jeeps and fixing cars. Just bought 2001 wrangler 4.0 auto and oil is slowly dripping on the driveway. How do I tell if the oil is coming from the valve cover gasket, engine oil pan, rear main seal or...???
  3. YJ Technical Discussion
    So i got it from ebay and noticednthe fine print said this, "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: My 2.5L plastic valve cover bolt holes do not line up with the cylinder head. What should I do? Do to the thermal dynamic nature of plastics the covers might have some natural deflection when they are...
1-3 of 3 Results