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wheel spacers
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  1. JK Tech Forum
    Hello, I have recently purchased a 2014 Jeep Wrangler JKU Canyonland land Edition (I belive it is a from an offroad park in Utah). I am running 285 75 r17 on what I belive to be 2019 Rubicon factory take offs wheels, and at full turn the tires are rubbing the gas chamber of the shocks. I took a...
  2. Classifieds Archive
    Hi All, Selling a set of 2" wheel spacers I got when I bought a set of wheels and tires off a forum member. I looked up the part number and they look like a generic set that sells on Amazon for $110 - $120. These are all yours for $60 shipped. Thanks, Joe
  3. JK Pics Forum
    Here is what I did to get 33.3" tires that are 11.8" wide on my Rubicon with stock lift. 1) Trimmed the rock rails about 1.25". Using a Sawzall cut 1.25" off the rock rail in the rear tire well. Took the existing cap and used clear silicon and reattached to the rock rails. Total time 40 Minutes...
  4. Tires & Wheels
    Hello, JK Gurus.... I've been perusing threads on this site for months, checking and re-checking, making decisions based on what I've read, and for the largest majority of the time, I am able to find the information I need from you guys, who know this stuff best. When I find answers...
  5. JK General Discussion Forum
    I've been searching this topic but cant find a straight answer. Is it possible to fit 35x12.5r18 tires on my stock '08 Sahara wheels if I use 1.5" wheel spacers (that should give me a backspacing of 4")? I blew a tire and don't have a spare. i plan to only drive on the 35's with no lift for...
  6. Classifieds Archive
    oem shocks and springs ($75 for all) oem tie rod $75 oem drag link $50 (there was a little movement on passenger side but dealership said it was within normal range) 37x12.50x17 spare tire $125 2 oem white tail gate hinges/covers $40( one of the black plastic covers has a 1-2" crack but can...
  7. Classifieds Archive
    Selling a set of four Spidertrax wheel spacers, 1.75" 5 on 5 (fits JK/JKU or commander). These are in great shape I will include a bottle of red loctite with purchase...local (NJ) pickup preferred. Will consider shipment (extra on your dime.) first $100 takes them.
  8. JK Pics Forum
    I'm wondering how wide is too wide... I've got 285/70R17's (33x10.5) on wheels with 4.5" BS right now. I love the wide-track stance and stability. Has anyone added 1.5" spacers to wheels with 4.5" or less backspacing? How far out have you pushed your tires? SHOW ME. NOW. DO IT. GO.
  9. TJ Tech Forum
    i have a spinning stud in a wheel spacer, as you may have guessed by the title. any ideas on how to get the wheel off? i have new wheel spacers to put on after i get these off, so i'm not too worried about damaging the spacer if i have to. i also have the gorilla lug nuts, which have a...
  10. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hello, I'm new to the forum :hide: and couldn't find any info on this. I bought a 1998 TJ about a month back. Ive always wanted a wrangler and since I now have a nice paying job I bought one lol. After a few easy mods (bumper,winch,fender flares, and off road lights) I was thinking about...
  11. JK General Discussion Forum
    Planning for my lift to fit 35x12.5 on stock rims. I will be putting springs from JKUR on as well for lift (hope to gain 1.75-2"). The Jeep is a 2 door Sport, 2012. As I want to use the stock rims I'm thinking about spacers, but there are some options. Looks like most people choose 1.5". So...
  12. JK General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I am looking around for wheel spacers and stumbled on the Rough Country 1.5 inch spacers for my JK. Now, these are going 60 bucks a pair with 12 dollar shipping, which is a solid 80 bucks cheaper than the usually recommended Spider Trax. I read some reviews and have seen only good...
  13. JK General Discussion Forum
    just got some 38x14.50 tires. Because of the width of this tire, I obviously need some wheel spacers. should I get 1.5 or 1.75" spacers?? never used wheel spacers, so I could use some advice in the area. Thanks
  14. YJ Tech Forum
    hey guys i have a 95 yj with a 4inch lift i recently put 33 12.50 tires on it im looking at wheel spacers im looking at maybe the 1.5 inch spacers do you think this will be enough to prevent rubbing or should i go with the 2 inch spacers. second question im trying to find out about these...
  15. Classifieds Archive
    I am a forum member looking to purchase a set of four 1 1/2 inch wheel spacers, preferrably spidertrax and a teraflex leveling kit if anyone is seeling them.
  16. JK General Discussion Forum
    Got a question boys. I am not planning on doing this for a few thousand miles but I am planning on lifting my Jeep when I am due for new tires, I will lift it and get new bigger tires. I am considering wheel spacers, what is the deal with them? Are they just for the look. I am guessing the...
  17. Classifieds Archive
    They have only installed for 2.5 weeks. Practically brand new. There are no issues with the spacers, I am just lucky enough to be able to get aftermarket wheels/tires sooner than I thought. 4 Wheel spacers 5 on 5 bolt pattern Spidertrax 1.5" $125 shipped US only Will accept PayPal :wavey:
  18. TJ General Discussion Forum
    Im considering wheel spacers because while out on trails making sharp turns are a pain because of the inside tire scrubbing. Now im taking longer than normal to get going and im eating the inside (knobs) pretty bad. Anything too consider while adding them? Pros Cons? Thanks
1-18 of 25 Results