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  1. Please Help- Wheel squeak and steering vibration

    JK Tech Forum
    Hi! I have 84,000 miles on my 2012 JK. Just got back from a 1400 mile road trip. Car was perfect. After about a week at home my front drive side wheel has started to chirp like crazy. Along with this, the steering wheel has started to vibrate noticeably more than usual. Sometimes this can...
  2. Anyone know what wheels these are?

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I can't find these wheels ANYWHERE. Any one recognize them?
  3. Aftermarket radio question

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Are there any aftermarket radios that work in the steering wheel controls in a 2016 JKU and provide similar functionality as Uconnect? Thanks, Hackhound
  4. Mickey Thompson Classic III - Durability/Holdup/Maintenance

    Tires & Wheels
    Hello, I just got myself M/T Classic III wheels as a Christmas gift for myself, got them mounted and all. Going to try and keep good care of them, etc... Link: Mickey Thompson | Classic III™ Black But I had a few general questions for the cleaning/polishing of the black (non-clear/powder...
  5. Wheel Backspacing/Offset Concern

    TJ Tech Forum
    Hey all, I got some new MT Classic III rims for a Christmas/Birthday gift. When we were picking them up from 4 Wheel Parts in Naperville, IL, the dude helping us said that I wouldn't need the spacers that I have now and that the wheel will stick out further than it currently is now... Here are...
  6. Wheel Spacer to cover original stud - 2016 Backcountry

    JK Tech Forum
    Hi All - New to the forum. I've got a question if anyone knows. I have a 2016 Wrangler Backcountry (a special edition of the sahara). I want to add wheel spacers, hub centric and hiqh quality, to give my Wrangler a wider stance and some more stability. Does anyone know how far the studs on...
  7. Wheel Size Help

    TJ Tech Forum
    I just purchased a set of BFGoodrich All terrain Ko2's for my 2000 tj stock rims. I'm now second guessing my decision and would like to know if anyone has mounted a 33x10.5x15 wheel on a stock tj rim (9.5x15) Will the extra inch of tire width be an issue or will they have no problem putting them...
  8. Best Spare Tire Cover?

    TJ Pics Forum
    What is your favorite spare tire cover design? Trying to figure out what to get for my '05 black TJ with gray trim. Want it to be unique but generally accessible so it won't deter someone from buying the Jeep. I like the problem, no problem one so far...
  9. Wheel Spacers

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Was wondering what the use of wheel spacers are, other than giving the wheel some more clearance around fenders. I've got stock fenders and a 2 1/2 Teraflex lift with 33" tires. Have got plenty of room now, but was thinking about getting some spacers. Does it affect handling or anything...
  10. Where to buy 2015 Willy's Wheels/Tires?

    Tires & Wheels
    Hi all. I need to purchase 1 factory 2015 Willy's wheel and tire before my lease expires. Does anyone know where to shop for this? I've been scouring the internet for months with no luck! Thank you.
  11. Wheel spacer question

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I have 32 inch tires on my Wrangler, and they are wide enough that they hit the front sway bar when I turn sharply. I'm considering adding wheel spacers. Are there any drawbacks or geometry concerns that I should be aware of in doing this?
  12. Front wheel keeps coming out of alignment?

    JK Tech Forum
    so about a month ago i was cruising on a gravel road and accidently hit a hidden stump going about 10-15 mph. hitting the stump caused my steering wheel to be turned about 90 degrees to the left. i didnt have the tools on me to straighten it out so i was forced to drive it the 2 mile distance to...
  13. Wheel Advice

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Just introduced myself on another thread and commented on my wheels. They are 17 inch with 235/70 tyres. The reply came back that 17inch is fitted to Jks and not Tjs. I measured from he back of the wheel hole to the centre and it does come up as a 5inch lug circle whereas Tj's are 4.5inch...
  14. Virginia 75th Anniversary Wheels and Tires

    Classifieds Archive
    Take Off set of 5 OEM 2016 Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniversary 17 inch wheels. These are bronze finish. No lug nuts or TPMS sensors included. Tires are Goodyear Wranglers. 4 of them have 8k miles on them and one is brand new (it was the spare). Located in Warrenton, VA. Asking $750 cash or bank...
  15. What size tires to put on a 2 inch teraflex lift

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    I Need help buying new tires, what size tires can I put on my 2003 TJ with 15 inch rims and a 2 inch lift? I am considering new rims, can I go 16 inch rims while I am at it? I know nothing right now other than how to replace the U joints (which I just figured out after blowing one out on the...
  16. Searching for M/T Classic II 15/8

    YJ General Discussion Forum
    95 YJ with four- would like to complete the set. Polished, not black. Thanks!
  17. help with my build please

    JK General Discussion Forum
    hey guys so i just bought some 315/70r17 bfgs and i have some atermarket 17x7.5 rims and plan on putting in a rough country 2.5 inch series 2 suspension lift. will all this work and clear my tires or will i also need 1 inch wheel spacers? also any thoughts on that lift kit? my budget is quite...
  18. Upgraded 2015 Stock JKU to 33" Duratrac and American Outlaw Hollywood

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I just finished upgrading my stock 2015 JKU to 33" Goodyear Duratrac 285R7017 and American Outlaw Hollywood 17"x8.5 wheels with a -10mm offset (~4.375 backspacing). I really like the wider stance and more rugged look and I'm very happy with how far outside the fenders the tires stick (about...
  19. Front Right Tire Making Whir Noise

    JK Tech Forum
    Hey Guys, My 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4 Door front right tire is making a weird noise. It sounds like a Whiring noise but only happens when I go over 15 mph. Sometimes it sounds worse then normal and other times its not even there. As I accelerate it gets louder and it doesn't go away if I apply...
  20. Lift/wheel/tire help!!! 75th anniversary JKU

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I know, I know another lift wheel & tire thread. Please bear with me. Ive spent 2 solid months searching & reading about wheel and tire upgrades for my JKU and as of this morning I had made up my mind on what I wanted... or so I thought. I went to two different local shops go get quotes for...