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  1. Tires & Wheels
    I am having a really hard time finding a pair of black wheels for my JKUR. Show me your wheels or post some of your favorite sets.
  2. Classifieds Archive
    2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 18'' Wheel and tires Excellent conditions includes 5 wheels and tires 4 tires have approx 2000 miles and the spare is brand new. Includes Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors Text me 718 864 4928 $900 Located near little neck (Queens / Long Island)
  3. JK General Discussion
    Our 2015 JKUR replaced a 2013 Lexus GX and I have the winter tires from the GX that I am considering using on the Wrangler. The bolt pattern from the GX is 6x5.5 so I would need spacers and the tires are 265/65 17 which is smaller than the 255/75 17s. This would be the cheaper route, but would...
  4. TJ General Discussion
    Stock 2000 Sahara and looking to put on some new tires and wheels. I'm looking at some 15x8 steel wheels with 3.75 backspacing by Rock Crawler Extreme Steel Wheels. Does anyone have experience with these? Thoughts? Thanks guys!
  5. JK General Discussion
    I have a 2015 JKU Sahara that I just bought 35" 12.50r15 for. I am looking at Dx4 7S rims in 15x8 with 5x5 bolt pattern and -19 offset. I am Also looking at the D525 Revolver 15x8 with 5x5 bolt pattern, with 18 offset and 3.75 backspace. Will either of them fit? Thank you!! :)
  6. Classifieds Archive
    SET OF 5 : Jeep Wrangler Sahara 18" polished rims / wheels with tires: Bridgestone P255/70/18R. Factory OEM rims wheels in very good condition! Local pickup preferred. Shipping paid by buyer and will be added to the price. $500 or Best Offer
  7. Classifieds Archive
    I have five 18" stock Sahara wheels with 5 tires. 1 tire NFG (cut sidewall), 3 so so... have 40k on them so some life left. 1 is like new, only about 500 miles. first $250 takes them all. You will have to pick them up. I am in the Atlanta area. I will throw in the Mopar wheel locks and key for...
  8. JK Pics Forum
    I've owned my 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport for not even 3 months now. The tires on it now are 255/75R17 but the rims i want are 18" so I'm looking to buy new tires, probably 255/70R18. I also bought spacers so the bolt patterns will fit. Just wanting to make sure that everything will work...
  9. JK Pics Forum
    I'm wondering how wide is too wide... I've got 285/70R17's (33x10.5) on wheels with 4.5" BS right now. I love the wide-track stance and stability. Has anyone added 1.5" spacers to wheels with 4.5" or less backspacing? How far out have you pushed your tires? SHOW ME. NOW. DO IT. GO.
  10. Classifieds Archive
    I am selling 5 OEM wheels and tires from my 2014 JK Sahara. The TPMS sensors are still installed. These are 18" wheels with Bridgestone Dueller A/T RH-S tires, size 255/70R18. You can find the specs here. Approximately 4000 miles on the set. Spare tire is unused. Some sidewall rubbing has...
  11. TJ Technical Discussion
    Hi, so I have a 1999 Jeep TJ. Right now it has aftermarket rims; I believe they are 16 inch. Recently I came across a set of 225/70/16 wheels and tires that were OEM from a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Will these fit??
  12. TJ General Discussion
    I know these questions have probably been asked to death, but I can't seem to find the same answer twice, so a little patience would be greatly appreciated. I have a 99 Wrangler Sahara that is completely stock. It has the stock 15x8 inch rims. Will it acceptably handle 9 inch rims with very...
  13. Classifieds Archive
    I have 5 wheels (aluminum) and tires (no sensors) off my 2014 JKU. Four of the tires have less than 2K miles and one (spare) has zero miles. All are in new condition. $500 Call or text 813-732-2715.
  14. JK Technical Discussion
    After wanting a Jeep Wrangler for years, I finally have one and I want to make some upgrades. I have a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport. I want a slightly bolder look, but not to any extreme. I have already added a Rough Country 1.75" suspension lift package. I have purchased Quadratec Black...
  15. JK Technical Discussion
    I am trying to decide between 16 and 17 inch wheels for my stock (not lifted) 2014 JKU. I will probably run Duratracs or Cooper AT3s at around 32inches in diameter - either 255/75r17 or 265/75r16. I am having difficulty visualizing the different proportions. I'd love to see pics to help with my...
  16. TJ General Discussion
    Once again I'm in need of your guy's advice. First off thanks for all previous help with every thing I've had trouble with. I don't know what I would do without your alls help haha. But I recently bough some 15x10's for my jeep and was looking for some 33x12.5 to put on them. I found a guy on...
  17. JK Pics Forum
    Need some help picking out wheels. Going with 315/70/17 Duratracs, but I can't decide on a wheel. I'm hoping people will post pics of their wheels to help me out. Thanks in advance.
  18. Classifieds Archive
    For sale is 5 OEM wheels and tires that were removed from my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon X. Asking $1400 for all 5 as-is. These are the special edition black center portion with the red Jeep image on the wheels used on the 10A and Rubicon X models. These have less than 2000 miles on them...
1-18 of 79 Results