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  1. 2014 Wrangler - Pushing in clutch squeaks like a run over cat

    JK Tech Forum
    A little BG: 2014 Jeep Wrangler Willys Manual transmission 100k+ miles This just started a few hours ago. When I press the clutch in, a high pitched squeaking noise erupts. Probably freaking out the people in cars next to me. It's sorta like what water on a fan belt sounds like, but louder...
  2. Upped my budget, considering a JK now

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hola! I love the TJs, but it is so hard to justify paying that much money for a 14+ year old car, especially when the frame is far from perfect! Im in NJ, an area peppered with rock salt and other frame damaging substances, so the no-rust idea has been tough and traveling past the tri-state...
  3. Tow Hitch Add On

    JK General Discussion Forum
    I just bought a Sport S Wrangler and I thought it would come with a trailer hitch receiver on the back. I thought all Jeep Wranglers had that, but they don't and mine don't (I know, the correct verb is doesn't). So I see there are aftermarket receiver hitches that I can buy for around $100...
  4. JK 3.8 to 5.7 hemi swap

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I've got a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with the 3.8 auto combo with 173k miles. I truly haven't had any issues and would go as far to say between me and my buddies' jeeps it's a reliable powertrain if you run 10w30-10w40 oil in it and change fluids often like I do. I would like for a fun...
  5. Eaton m62 or m90 supercharger on 3.8 Jeep Wrangler

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I've got a 2007 Rubicon with 35s and the factory 4.10 gears with the automatic transmission. I go wheeling around 4-6 times a year from moderate to extreme trails. My jeep is also my daily driver with 173k miles on it and I really haven't had any issues at all. So with the supercharger...
  6. JEEP JOURNALS | EPISODE 2 | "The Road To Michigan"

    TJ General Discussion Forum
  7. Oil leaks

    YJ Tech Forum
    Noticed this after going for a short drive. What am I looking at here? engine oil/transfer case leak? how serious is this and how easy/difficult is it to fix? I marked the spots where I can see the oil dripping from.
  8. New Jersey SOLD PLEASE DELETE CREATING NEW THREAD 211-2018 Jeep Wrangler JKU Premium Twill Soft Tops

    Classifieds Archive
    Hey guys, I get premium 4 door soft tops pretty often every year. I get them from people who sell them to me. Ive tagged which years they are and overall condition of each. Here is some of what i have 1 brand new 2013 top with brand new windows and hardware $600 2015, 2014, 2016 tops all used...
  9. Jeep wrangler TJ (Ruby)

    TJ General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys how's it going not really sure how this works this would be my first post just wanna ask which axle route should I go A) I found dana 60 axles both front and rear from a 94 ram 2500 for $300 (some rebuild work may be needed) or B) should I just upgrade my current dana 30/35 axle (not...
  10. 2019-2020 JL and JT included in FCA backup camera recall

    JL Wrangler General Discussion
    The Associated Press reports that a software glitch causes the rearview image to stay on the screen more than 10 seconds after the vehicle has been shifted out of reverse, causing potential driver distraction and an increased risk of crash. The recall covers 365,000 vehicles, including 2019 and...
  11. Tire Size(s) Wheel Wells

    JL Wrangler Technical Discussion
    I just bought a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Willy's that came with 225/75/17 tires. I'm wondering if there's a website that calculates the biggest size tires that'll fit without affecting the jeeps steering, turning, etc?
  12. Wisconsin Rocks

    Wisconsin Rocks

    2.5” Rock Krawler AS1 35” Kenda Klever R/T ProComp 2039’s
  13. help with unconnect radio swap

    JK General Discussion Forum
    Please help... I have a 2014 jk 4door sahara. The stock radio with nav and uconnect has been not working right. ( nav has a mind of its own) My friend gave me his stock unit, from his 2016 jk rubicon. the systems have all the same functions.. uconnect, nave, HDD... when i swapped them out i...
  14. New! JL/JT Rancho Track Bar Support Bracket

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    Rancho® Front Track Bar Support Bracket for the Jeep Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT is designed to reinforce the front frame side track bar bracket. Made from high strength low alloy steel, this new support bracket reduces the threat of a failed OE bracket when lifted or running larger...
  15. California Wrangler JK Parts for sale

    Classifieds Archive
    I sold my Jeep and have some parts for sale: 1. Truck lite LED headlights with Rigid PWM adapter. Excellent condition. $260 2. Mopar Rubber floor mats. Front set only. Great condition. Needs a wash. $40 3. Trek-Armor (Bartact) Car Seat Cover for Jeep Wrangler JK 2 door 2013-2018 model. Black...
  16. California 2013 Jeep JK DV8 Offroad Rock Crawler

    Classifieds Archive
    *****PRICE $27,500***** After a lot of work and many trips, it is time to part with my Jeep. Working within the offroad field, she has been presented at many shows and events. I attempted to build her to be very capable offroad while maintaining her drivability on road as well. Below is a full...
  17. 2013 Wrangler stalls off the mark only after engine is hot! Help!

    JK Tech Forum
    2013 Wrangler Sport. ISSUE: Often spits whilst taking off from a stop as if it's going to stall, more accelerator pedal most times will result in just a stutter but other times the stutter results in a full stall out of the engine which then needs to be restarted. Once restarted the gear "D" or...
  18. New Year - New Pricing

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    Today only all online pricing has been updated! Don't miss out on these one day deals! 2020 Price Increase will be here soon! :winner: Protect your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Ram or Fiat with one of our service contracts at wholesale pricing!
  19. KC 12 Deals of Christmas

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    12 Deals of Christmas Is Here! From discounts to stocking stuffers, check back everyday until 12/20. We have plenty of deals that will brighten up your holidays.
  20. Thinking About Upgrading Receiver

    Communications and Electronics
    Hey all, I just recently purchased my first Jeep and am enjoying it, but think the stereo system could using some upgrades. I have a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport that came with the 430 head unit, but unfortunately, doesn't have the bluetooth capability set up. I imagine it has the basic...