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  1. YJ Technical Discussion
    I'm looking to replace all my fuel injectors on my 1991 yj inline 6, 4.0L motor. What injectors do I buy? As in what are the stock injectors and if I can get a higher performance injector what ones are those.
  2. YJ Build Forum
    So one day I got bored and decided that because I didn't need my backseat because everyone is to scared to ride in my YJ. So i started by ripping out my backseat. After the seat was out I started working on my new "better" backseat. the bottom "secure storage" is all complete it's just a...
  3. YJ Build Forum
    I've decided to make a build thread for my orange '93 referred to as "OJ" by my friends. Here is a folder on Google Drive where I will upload all of my photos. Catching up: June 28, 2015 I settled the deal on a 1993 Wrangler S for $3300. It had 107,371 miles on it (which the odometer still read...
  4. YJ Technical Discussion
    Hey all, Just bought my first yj back in october. its a 93, 6cyl with 2/12 lift and 31 tires. Ive done plenty to it mod wise since i got it but nothing in terms of this kind of stuff. My first issue is with the shifting. I feel like i struggle with 1rst and 2nd gear quite a bit. I...
  5. YJ Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone and before i begin to ask questions i want to put out a disclaimer saying i'm 18 years old, my love for wranglers came from my old man and this jeep i will be addressing in this post. I also want to say i'm not the best with car talk, but i can usually get by. That being said...
  6. 95yj On Blue Summit

    northwest jeep fun.
  7. YJ Technical Discussion
    I have a 1990 yj wrangler with 33s lifted 4 inches on stock Dana 35/30, and whenever I wheel hard my back tires rub. I found a full width free floating Dana 60 rear and Dana 44hd front off an 1987 j20 for 350 and was wondering what I would need to swap them in. I would take out the lift change...
  8. YJ Technical Discussion
    Hey I have a 91' YJ 4.0L automatic and for some reason my oil pressure did not work then i replaced the sending unit now it stays to the max at all times when the cars on, and my other gauges are wacky except for my speedo and my rpm gauge. The temp gauge sometimes act funny, the fuel gauge used...
  9. YJ Technical Discussion
    Have an '88 Wrangler with the 6 cyl. and automatic. Last week it started giving me trouble. Started for home after work on Friday and got about a half a mile down the road when all of a sudden, it was just like someone shut the key off. Engine died, but had power everywhere else. It would crank...
  10. Classifieds Archive
    I am selling my 1995 Jeep Wrangler. I got this Jeep about 2 and a half years ago and it wasn't in the greatest shape. As some of you may have read from my posts, I was able to get a great deal on a TJ, so I no longer need this Jeep, which was my daily driver. I've put a lot into this Jeep to...
  11. YJ Technical Discussion
    So I've been toying with idea of doing some drivetrain upgrades to my YJ. Should I just swap my gears and install lockers on the factory axles, or install new axles all together. I am running 33" mud tires with a 4 1/2" lift. I do just weekend trail riding with some light mud. Still gets plenty...
  12. YJ Technical Discussion
    I have a Red 1989 YJ, and I'm trying to determine the sub-model. I think it may just be a base, however there is a decal of a hawk on the driver's side. Was there any edition of YJ that included this? Or was it put on by a previous owner? Please help. Thanks.
  13. YJ Technical Discussion
    I recently bought a hardtop for my 1995 Wrangler YJ and my half doors don't fit with my hardtop. I was wondering if there were different frames that I could buy for my yj that would fit my hardtop. The specs for my jeep are, 2.5L, rio grande 4x4, half doors. Thanks in advance
  14. YJ Technical Discussion
    I've seen multiple forums of people showing Tj's flares matching up fine and some being off by a bit but I think stock oem flares from a tj don't fit and aftermarket stock looking flares fit so would these flares fit? Crown Automotive 55254918K - Original Style Replacement Fender Flares for...
  15. Classifieds Archive
    I have a 1994 Wrangler Sahara that is in need of the original interior. Previous owner installed 3 new rugged ridge seats (EX: Rugged Ridge 13415 37 97 06 Jeep Wrangler XHD Sierra Spice Seat w Recliner | eBay) including the center console, removing all of the previous sahara interior. You see...
  16. YJ Technical Discussion
    I have a 1989 yj laredo with the 4.2. Recently I noticed that there is a small leak. Please help me identify what it is and how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated!!
  17. Classifieds Archive
    I'm cleaning out my garage and getting rid of the doors off of my 1990 YJ Jeep Wrangler. The window cranks work, both mirrors, the locks work and i have a key for them. There is some rubbing of the paint where the hard top and body met, otherwise in great condition. Looking for $750, but i am...
1-17 of 34 Results