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πŸŒ„ 1987-2016 Wrangler ARB Driving Light Kit 6.5" Round (YJ, TJ, & JK) Review πŸŒ„

Not looking for an LED/Modern Style setup? Want an old-school look like you had on your first rig? Then look no further than ARB's 6.5" Driving Lights for the 1987-2016 Wrangler YJ, TJ, & JK!

ARB's 6.5" Driving Lights are constructed of a high-impact black resin so even if they're scratched on the trails, taking rocks & debris on the road you're not going to have to worry about them rusting. These lights also have lenses made of a hardened glass and also come with some trick stone guards to safe-proof your investment.

The install ran us about an hour and I can't say nice enough things about them as you can essentially mount them wherever you'd like! A-Pillar, Bumper/Light Mount Tabs, or anywhere you're okay with punching some holes. The wiring was a breeze as well which you can see in the video and I think they could be installed by anyone but if you're ever unsure it's always best to get an extra set of hands or even a second opinion.

If you're not into the modern LED style look then this is the kit for you. Let me know what you'd like to see next and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel below to stay up to date with the latest builds and product reviews.

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