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2005 Jeep LJ Wrangler Unlimited 4.0, Auto
I will try to be as informative and brief as possible.
I bought the jeep back in December. It had 4 KC lights mounted, spliced into the ignition wire, but NOT connected on the battery.
- All of my lights (Headlights, Dome lights, Dash lights, Radio lights) will flicker at the pace of the engine rotation.. if that makes sense. while the engine is running. If the engine is running and i turn on the headlights and the brights at the same time. it seems to overload, and my Voltage drops dangerously low, the engine then revs up as if i had started it again.
My radio cuts out nearly every time i hit over 1500 Rpms, and will ONLY cut out if i am hitting the gas. It will cut out with a POP while i am driving, but when I let off the gas, about 2 seconds later, it will come back on. Hit the gas, POP.. cuts off. if i stay steady on the gas, it will cut in and out seemingly randomly but very frequent. if i am at a stop, and idling, the radio will not cut off. Whether in P, N or D, if the gas pedal is pushed, the radio will undoubtedly cut out.
- Took a multi meter to my battery, and my Alt. and got about 14 while running. which to me i thought was normal.
- Battery Cables are fresh looking, at least on the terminals (i cant say what it looks like inside the wire sheathing) But seems to be fine
-had the Alternator and the battery tested at the auto store Checked out fine
-Checked the Ground on the fire wall, and the engine block (both seem fine) tho i did not actually pull them off and sand down the metal.
- Completely disconnected all wiring to the aftermarket lights.
-I Replaced the alternator with a higher amperage 160 Alternator
-I did notice 2 wires in the bundle of wires up near the firewall (the one will like 60 wires in it) had 2 nicks in them. the copper still in tact and not broken. so i isolated the 2 wires just in case
-I am not noticing any Voltage drop on the meter when the gas is pressed and the radio cuts out.

Please if i have missed anything. advice is greatly appreciated.
I can provide pictures if i need to.

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Hmmmmm...this sounds like it'll be a fun one to figure out.

The radio cutting out with the increased engine rpm and the flickering lights in time with crankshaft rotation makes me think that it's something with the charging system. The 14V is optimal on a charging battery so that all seems to be in order, but it might mean something further down the line is drawing current, and increases its draw with increased engine RPM until its enough to make the radio cut out.

Did the popping happen before the new alternator was installed?? Also, is there excessive AC whine in the radio when it's on an empty station? (some whine is normal and unavoidable)

On the note of the radio, is anything in the audio system not stock?
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