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07 JKU
Chevy 5.7l Vortec
TH350 3 speed manual tranny
MSD Atomic EFI fuel system

Anyone ran a return line in a JK? I am currently running the atomic fuel pump retro fitted into the existing fuel pump housing in the tank but getting fuel cavitation on hour plus drives, typically my work commute which is fun. Was going to pull the pump out and mount it near the fuel pump housing and install a return line to help keep the gas cycling and hopefully fix the cavitation issues. Looked at fuel line filler adapters but can only find 2" diameter connector. Trying not to drop and drill the tank because i am lazy. Thought about drilling the fuel pump housing and running a hose into the tank. Other option is modifying the filler hard line but shying away from that.

Anyone ever tried something like this?

Any help is appreciated.
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