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I have been quite the lurker for some time. I am just far too excited right now and have to post:
After months of searching, I finally found a new-to-me Jeep that suits me last summer. I got a good month and a half of play time with it before I had to fly 800+ miles away from it to finish up college. I went back for a couple weeks during winter break to be reunited momentarily with her. Even took her out with me for our first time in the snow together (pretty weak snow for Ohio, honestly…).
Well! Next weekend I am (finally…) graduating college and moving back to my baby permanently!! I am so excited. I have been looking through all your guys’ projects and have been trying to decide what I want to do with it next. I can’t wait to dig in!
It has been killing me being so far away from her for so long.
Now, if I can only get my dad to drive his Jeep more than once a month. He is quite the particular one…
Have any of you ever had to go such periods of time without your Jeep?


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