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78K on '12 Sahara Wrangler Unlim / Pennz Plat Syn 5W30 @ 4-5K always

July 5 and this week 9/22 BOTH after about 230 miles of a 250 mile Trip the Chk Engine Light activated and AZone read P0741 Tranny Torque Converter issue both times. The Light goes away in a day or two and in the first case took 2.75 months to return.
No RPM Rise; No Jerk, tire squeal, etc ... No Symptoms. High Temps in both trips.

With 5-6 possible Causes posted I'm most interested in scenarios (ie) per Tranny jerk and tire squeal ...TCU has been replaced and computers reflashed, did not fix the issue. replaced the conductor plate and 13 pin connector .... did not fix the issue. Trouble shooting still on going .... (as billable $$$ rise for no fix).

Is trusting Jeep Svc my best option or is there any recent experience to help? AND, CAN they diagnose with No Chk Eng Light On? Thanks as always!
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