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'13 JKR Factory navigation question(s)

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Brand new member here, and I'm going to apoligize up front for not having my profile done of a formal intro in the new members section. I promise to get that done, but first I'm hoping to tap into the knowledge the inmates here might have here.

My wife and I are seriously considering pulling the trigger and ordering a ’13 JKR.

I’ve made a decision on what options I want with the exception of the factory navigation system. The 730 is $1800 and there is no way I’m gonna spend the $ on that. However the 430 at about $1000 and seems reasonable with one major exception.

I have a lot of experience with Garmin GPS’s, especially their motorcycle specific Zumo 550. I also have a decent amount of experience with their Nuvi 220 wide screen. On these GPS’s there is a safe mode feature which does not allow the user to enter data when the vehicle is in motion, but there is an option to over ride the safe mode and allow the user to do everything the gps will do while moving down the road. I keep the safe mode inactive and make reasonable decisions how I use the gps. I’ve traveled tens of thoundsands of miles by motorcycle and car without even a close call due to irresponsible use of my gps.

The problem I have with the factory Jeep (Chrysler) navigation systems is that how I understand it, there is no option to over ride the safe mode. This is a deal breaker for me. I understand the liabiality issues with allowing the driver to enter addresses, do searches, ect, but what about the passenger? I think is silly that as my wife and I are traveling down the road in our new Rubi, we would need to pull over so she (as the passenger) can enter inquiries into the navigation system? WTF?:banghead:

As I said earlier for me, that will be a deal breaker for the factory navigation system.

My question is:
Is it true there is no way to disable the safe mode? I assume if there is an aftermarket “hack” to disable it, will add additional expense in addition to the $1000 up front cost of the factory system? Also, what about warranty issues with such a “hack”. Maybe we should consider an aftermarket in-dash system. If so what is available? I’m sure $1000+ would buy a nice aftermarket system.

Thanks in advance,
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I have the 430n and GPS on an Nissan and an Infiniti. No luck on any of those. It sure would be nice to have the passenger input things while the driver drives. If there is a hack, I don't know it. Pretty much the only things that are locked out are putting addreses in and slecting points of interest. You can still do enough to crash the car if you want to. I am not sure why they decide to let somethings through and others not, but it is consistant accross three cars. That indicates that it is probably a rule from the govenment. My biggest beef with the 430n nav? No UTM units on the GPS. I have to take along a hand heald unit to get those coordinates. If you have never used UTM, try it. WAY easier than degrees, minutes, seconds and leap years. Most maps have UTM these days. It is an incredably obvious way of determining where you are and where you want to go.
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