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16" OEM rims to 17" OEM rims

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Ok guys I have NO clue about tires however I was given a full set of OEM rims from a friend and I like them better than my own. A few questions. One, what would be the best size tire to fit the 17" rims (no lift on the Jeep looking for a tire with more rugged tread than the el cheapo tires that came with it), is there anything that needs to happen to the breaks/alignment when changing them? Lastly what would you do when it comes to changing the appearance of the rims? Powder coat? Bed line? Thanks guys!
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255/75/17. You can find some take off BFG Mud Terrains for cheap or spend a little more for the KM2s. Great tires.
You could put Goodyear Duratrac 255-75/17 on.
No alignment needed. Powder coat if you want to spend the money.

^^^Read this first, before you decide on a tire, or size.
You could put Goodyear Duratrac 255-75/17 on. No alignment needed. Powder coat if you want to spend the money.
X2 this is what'd I'd do
I did this. I got a set of 17" Rubi rims for my Sport from a friend.

Mine came with the stock 255/75/17 BFG KM1's. A touch of black plasti-dip and all was right with the world.

Except now I want 35's when these wear down. lol. But the stocks size is 255/75/17, and you can get them at a very reasonable price if you watch the for sale forums. Many people take them off almost new to go to 33's or 35's, so don't go out and buy new, unless you're in a rush, they come up all the time.

You may want to re-calibrate your speedometer, though, as the tire-size change will render you a few % off on the speedo. I used a flashcal. But the take-off tires + the flashcal was still less than the new tires.
I wouldn't mind plasti-dipping however there's a kid who thinks he's funny in my neighborhood who goes around peeling parts of it off anyone who has plasti-dip on their ride. It's like 4 different cars in my area. -.-
Cooper now has the ST Maxx in 255/75 17 which could be another good stock size option.
I agree with Bones, Goodyear just came out with the Duratrac's in the 255/75/R17 size tires a few months back.! New size! I have the stock Wrangler SRA's 255/75R17's ( 2012 JKU ) and wanted the same size tire, but with a little more aggressive tread than the SRA's....Goodyear now has them in the Duratrac's.....They have a good rating from what I'm reading...I'll be getting a set after I wear out my SRA's...No changing anything, just a swap!
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