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Guys/Gals - please contact me if interested.

$23,000 - text me - I’ll call ya back.


I bought this JK NEW in April of 2017. It was purchased for the sole purpose of using it in the summer ONLY on weekends ONLY and ONLY when the weather was perfect. The JK has NEVER been off road, never in the mud and never in the rain. It's never been washed or wet. It's been waxed 4000 times though.

It's the Willys Edition and is 100% OEM - I didn't touch the motor or suspension. I drove it approximately 2000 miles each summer. It was taken out of storage in April and the day it came out the top AND doors were taken off, wrapped and left off until September. Then it was reassembled and put back into storage for the winter. The wheel wells, under carriage, and motor is EAT OFF OF IT clean. It's 100% FLAWLESS.....

OEM Rock Rails and Tube Steps - (the tube steps have NEVER been stepped on)

Diver Seat Covers - Grabars and Grabar Foot Rests for when doors are off. Not a nick, scratch, scuff or imperfection on this JEEP AT ALL !!!!!

The photos you see are recent....not from when I bought it.

It's got JW Speaker LED headlights (although it's never been driven at night) the OEM upgraded Alpine Audio system, manual transmission (6 speed), VERY RARE HALF DOOR OPTION and IT DOES NOT HAVE A/C. I special ordered it...and knowing it would never be driven with the top or doors on...I decided NOT TO GET A/C.

I bought OEM Rubicon Hardrock RIMS which match the pain color EXACTLY !!!!

This Jeep is a RARE RARE RARE RARE FIND !!!!

You MUST SEE appreciate how PERFECT it really is.

Please email me for photos of the window sticker which was laminated when I bought it and goes to the buyer.



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You drive more than me, I’ve got about 2,300 miles on my 2017 JKUR :drinks:

LOVE the half doors. GLWS :thumb:

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Update !!!

So...because I ordered/bought this Jeep without A/C I was having a hard time selling it. (shocker :) )

A buddy of mind told me that KBB (auto nation), Vroom, and Carvana buy cars without you buying from them.

So...I went to each site and put in my VIN number and each cam back with a guaranteed offer in 30 minutes or less.

I was thinking SCAM....the whole time.

Well....they all began bidding against the other for my jeep and we landed with KBB (auto nation) @ $24,500. Now...mind you I had this listed here and Autotrader for $21,999.

Took the car to the BMW dealer in Mt. Kisco NY to be "inspected" and they'd cut me a check. (no BMW dealer is going to be involved in scamming activities and risk their license)

The inspection consisted of the GM literally looking at the outside of the car for maybe 30 seconds. Didn't start it, didn't drive it, didn't lift the hood and didn't even look inside the car.

Within 1.5 hours of the inspection he comes back and says "can we talk"

I was like....HERE WE GO !!!!

He says "Is that a Tow Hitch on the back?"

I say...."Yep, never used"

He says...."we will give you an additional $500 because you checked off NO to the "tow package"

BOA check in hand for $24,900 and it cleared within 48 hours.

I am a HAPPY CAMPER !!!!!
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