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Owned since 1996, but has not really been used for the past 4-5 years. It has not been started in about 14 months. This Jeep will need some TLC to "jump in and drive" but well worth it to someone with know-how.

I built this Jeep just for wheelin' and weekend play. It does not have working heat/air & it does not have a top (always lived in my garage). The interior is Rhino Lined. Has a Skyjacker 3" body lift, Rancho 2 1/2" suspension lift. Rancho RS5000s all around and SS. 15x10 wheels & 33x12.50 tires (tires will need to be replaced). Tuffy locking console, Bestop reclining seats.

As you can see, it looks great. Never left home without getting a thumbs up or comment. I just do not have the time or room for Big Red anymore. I did not end up having sons, so no reason left to hang on.

I do not want to rip anyone off or get ripped off myself. I'm not really sure of the market value. I'd love to discuss your offer, what the Jeep's worth, etc. Thanks for your time.

-Jason (Nashville, TN)


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