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Looking to sell my YJ. I am planning to go to school and finish up my Bachelors. I have put quite a bit into this Jeep, which sucks knowing I won't get it all back. Here is a list of everything that's been done:

Engine is an AMC 258 I6 4.2L completely rebuilt. New pistons and rings bored .060" over so it's ~4.4L now
New alternator
New starter
New soft top
New rims
New heater core
New HEI Distributor
New Motorcraft 2100 (needs tuned for the bigger displacement, but runs fine)
New Radiator
New water pump
New heater core
New 6 speaker sound bar
Comes with the following items if the price is right:
TJ Flares
TJ AX15 External Slave transmission
NP231 Transfer Case needs 23 spline gear (included) installed
Family style roll bar pieces to make sport and family roll bar
Mesh grill cover
Shoulder belts from YJ with family roll bar
New rotors and pads for front, shoes for the rear and hardware
I'm sure there is more I'm missing. I'm asking $5000, but that's not set in stone willing to work something out. I've finally got this running good, but can't justify paying as much gas as it'll take to commute 1.5 hrs each way to school...When I get my new job I'm sure I'll get another jeep just gotta get that done first. I'll have to get more pictures. My memory card on my phone broke, so I lost a lot of pictures. The engine rebuild was at 245k and it had a tick after so I took it back at 250k and they put in new pistons and rings. It has 255k on it now.
Edited pics they were too big so just added links.
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