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Hello everyone! I've got a Renix 2.5L TBI computer I'm selling. This does not look to be the original, as opening it up it's not filled with the gel that all of the originals seemed to have. In fact, this model lives above the glove box.

This is clean and functional, and came with my jeep. I don't know the full history of it, as it was pulled out during a time that I was troubleshooting, and replaced with another one that I purchased. Since the issues I was having were entirely unrelated to the computer (but had to rule it out), I'm confident that this one is good to go.

The label on the case is S100801 103A, 8604. I'm guessing this is a reman, since as I've said the internals are clean and shiny, and it's missing the barcode label on the outside.

I can provide photos on request, (just not at this exact moment that I'm writing this). I'll add photos when the opportunity allows.

From my research, I believe this will work with any 2.5l TBI renix controlled engine (YJ or Cherokee) 87-89, but don't take my word on that, research is recommended. It is cross compatible with 103A/B/C, and since it's remanned, I imagine that it's got whatever changes from A to C (but again, that's speculation).

I'm in Los Angeles, so if you're local you can pickup with cash. I'm willing to ship otherwise. I prefer Apple Pay, but will take PayPal. I'm willing to ship USPS at my cost, other methods will be up to the buyer to cover the cost.

I'm also going to post this on reddit/r/jeepgaragesale so if you frequent there, you'll probably see this listed as well.

This was very hard for me to track down, and I believe I paid ~$400 for the replacement. I'm selling this for $300, as I need the cash, and hopefully it will help someone who was in the same position as me not too long ago.

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