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1987 YJ Wrangler - Low Miles

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I was just getting started on this Project Car but I need to relocate for my job. All of you have been a true inspiration and gave me the courage to jump on this endeavor. Regretfully, I need to move to GA for my job and the cost of shipping 3 cars will not be feasible.

I bought few items to get started on this but need to move prior to building this out.

Give me your best offer and I will definitely give this at cost price to the fellow forum member. Not looking to make a profit. Just need to break even.

This car is not running at the moment; if you need me to get it started it will take me sometime or you can have yourself or a mechanic do it. All the necessary engine parts are purchased and listed below:

1987 Jeep Wrangler 258 4.2L (low original mileage of 106,900.

Comes with all these brand new items. I was waiting for spring to start this but the car has been sitting inside the garage thru this winter.

Brand New and Ready for Installation: (Over 1K of new items)
1. Jeep 258 4.2L HEI Distributor (Complete System)
2. MotorCraft 2150 Carb w/Filter
3. Radiator (high quality) w/Cap w/AntiFreeze w/Hoses
4. Engine Oil
5. Floor Heater Duct
6. Metal Window Crank Handle
6. K&N Oil Filter
7. Spark Plugs (Very High Quality) and Wires which support the HEI
8. Optima Battery (I have it on a trickle charger to maintain it.)


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Help me out folks, if you have any interest on it. I can also get the car running and put a seat in it. Just don't have enough time due to the new job.

If I don't see any interest, I will post it on ebay. Just wanted to give first shot here.
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