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1989 Wrangler YJ for sale

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I'm looking to sell my '89 YJ. It has a 6cyl that I just put a new weber 34 carb on, an auto trans, new exhuast, waterpump, and 4wd shift motor. Its black and has a hard top and bikini top to go along. The body is a little bumped and bruised but it and the frame have NO rot. I couldnt believe the condition of the body when I got this. It has a pretty new 2.5" lift(all springs) and only 235/75 tires at this point. It was just inspected in march I think. Everything has 141K on it and from what I know is all original. The tranny doesnt seem to slip and the engine is still chugging along quite well. I currently use it as my daily driver and it only let me down when the float on the carb got stuck open, taken care of by replacing the float assembly and new fuel filter for safe measure. I'm looking to get $4,000 for it. If you're interested at all let me know. Located near scranton pennsylvania.
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