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Runs awesome. looks awesome inside and out. FL Jeep and garaged its entire life and it looks it. Zero rust. Zero body issues. Bought for 10,500 and then did over 3000 in mods including...
Monstalined entire inner bed spice color. New Mammoth wheels and 33” KO2s. 4” lift with 4 new Bilstein high end shocks. “spiced” up the look with new spice rollbar covers, safari top, undamaged spice dash pad, spice sound bar (radio and sound bar work fine). Recent tune up. PO added the Omix-Ada round grille prototype and completed all the work on the list pictured in the last two years.

Two issues. 1 you have to manually turn the turn signal off when turning left. 2. Did the heater core bypass so no heat but easily reversible.

No full top although all rails and door surrounds are installed from POs Bestop. Safari top, mesh top, Factory half doors and super clean spice uppers included.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts