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A good friend of mine passed away a couple weeks back. His wife called me over the weekend and is asking for help selling their 1996 Jeep Cherokee. I don't have a whole lot of information, but if you post up your questions, I will definitely try and find out the answers. I am NOT one to negotiate the price, so please don't throw me any offers. She is a total wreck at this time and probably would not handle negotiations well, but I will help where I can.
She is ASKING $5000
XJ is located in Cerritos, CA

Here is what I know about the vehicle:
They bought this vehicle Brand NEW here in Orange County/L.A. area -so 1 owner. I never knew him to smoke (But only knew him about 18 years)

1996 Jeep Cherokee 4 Door, 4 Wheel drive- completely STOCK.
4.0 H.O Motor, Automatic AW4, transmission. HP30 front, D35 Rear axle.
Has A/C, trailer hitch. They were NOT into off-roading, but enjoyed camping at Yellowstone, and the Sequoias.
Motor was rebuilt by Cerritos Dodge in 2011 @ 130,000 (OVER $5000 - receipts available)
Motor/Trans has 180K miles on it now.
Interior is in EXCELLENT condition. Seats have seat covers on them and would show like new.

NO PWR Windows/Locks

She has a folder with ALL receipts including original Sales contract from Dealer. Also, the dealer spec sheet. IF interested, I can get a copy to you.

These are items of replacements in which she noted to me:
Neutral Safety Switch in 12/2013
New Tires 7/2014
Sears Battery 8/2015
New Headliner 1/2016
New Muffler / Catalytic Converter 7/2017
(Prices and receipts for all.)

It is a very nice/CLEAN 1996 XJ (See Pictures) I am only posting here as a favor, so please no bashing on price, condition, or spelling. being alone, she is afraid of Craigslist, or just the whole process in general. I'm sure you can understand. This is the "easy" favor for me... She has also asked if I knew of any people interested in his roll-a-way and top box (Craftsman).

As mentioned, I'd appreciate maybe if you POSTED your question - that way others MAY find it useful. If you want to keep it private - thats fine. Please allow a day (or two) in case I need to chase down an answer. These pictures are the only ones available now. I can get more if requested.


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Thank you for that. He will be missed.

I am happy to say the Jeep was sold to a member here on the forum. A price was negotiated, the vehicle "smogged" on first try and the transaction took place at AAA.

Thanks again to everybody!
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