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Hi All,
I have been trying to figure out the best fuel injector choice for my 1998 TJ but it aint been easy. I am trying to fill two requirements, performance and economy. I have been tracking a thread, but they are talking about xjs injectors and I just am not sure they cross reference. BTW, I have the 4.0 l.
Ok, here we go, can I use this injector?

P/N 0280155703 should uses ev1 connector, I think 100% compatible. Can someone confirm?

P/N 0280155784 uses ev6 connector, I will need the ev1-ev6 adapter but other than that it should be compatible.
I really want to upgrade to a 4 port injector, botch seems to have them. As a note, it seems I can get P/N 0280155784 cheaper, even when you factor in the ev1 to ev6 adapter...

Would someone please confirm these part numbers are compatible with a 1997-1998 jeep tj. Note, the engine in my jeep was replace by the PO. The block serial shows a manufacture date of 96, thus it must be a 97 engine in a 98 jeep frame.... Thanks all.....
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