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And a few more pics. Let me know if there is anything you want to see that is not here or in the build log. I took pics of every step of the project.


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I bought it with 161,988 on 5/15/2015
It now has 163,057

I am not sure if one would consider this high, average, or low miles in the used TJ market. It is roughly 9,060 per year, which by most cars standards is low use. However, this one has been "refurbished" anyway.

This is probably not a jeep for someone that is buying for miles on the odometer though. To me, mileage does not mean much on TJ's anymore. They are already old and depreciated out. This is a plus to me and why I did not get a JK! I don't like watching the miles, years, and dollars go by and worrying about it :)
It's all about mechanical & physical condition, what crappy stock parts have been upgraded with better parts, etc. I chose all my parts based on research and reviews and payed the price for the USA stuff when it was well worth it. I spent twice as much on parts as I did the jeep and I am basically just looking to break even. Someone will be getting a lot of blood sweat and tears for free!

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Having technical difficulties editing attachments (admin may be working on it). It is too locked down with no edits after 30 mins. Here is a direct attachment of the same PDF I had to link to in post #1.
Please email me if you have any questions
[email protected]


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I made a summary of the parts and stuff:

- All new AC system -- Every component. New Compressor, new evaporator, new condenser, new lines, new accumulator, new switches, & new seals.
- Shepherd Auto Parts 2 Row w/o EOC w/ TOC High Performance All Aluminum Radiator
-----New hardware and clips used to install and new well nuts installed
- Metalcloak Aluminum front fenders
- Metalcloak rear fender flare mounting plates
- Metalcloak Rocker Rail Sliders
- Metalcloak 4" Front and rear flares
- Metalcloak parts all sandblasted, primed with PPG epoxy, and painted with SEM Hot Rod Black (Satin Black)
- New grill frame isolators installed
- Dick Cepek DC-2 15"x8" Wheels, including spare
- Pro Comp Xtreme MT2 35"-12.5" x 15" tires, including spare
-----High Speed mounted and balanced
- Pro Comp Alloy 25-Piece 1/2 inch Chrome Lug Nut Kit, Valve Stems, Socket
- New Shifter boot bezel
- New MOPAR Service/Owners Manual Kit for glove box (was missing when I bought it)
- Poison Spyder BFH Front Bumper with Shackle Tabs and Trail Stinger
-----Sandblasted, primed with PPG epoxy, and painted with SEM Hot Rod Black
- Poison Spyder Winch Fairlead Mount
- Maxxima M09300YAT Amber 3/4" Round Clearance Auxiliary LED front signals
-----Weatherproof Metripack connectors installed for easy removal of front fenders
- Metripack connector already installed to add more fog lights at any time
- Tridon EP26 LED Flasher installed to maintain proper flash rate with LED's
- Gr8tops TJ/LJ Exogate Tailgate HD kit Tire Carrier
-----With custom 3D printed exact match tire bumpers
- Poison Spyder RockBrawler Rear Bumper with Shackle Tabs
-----Upgraded with frame tie in kit
-----Heavy duty receiver!
-----Sandblasted, primed with PPG epoxy, and painted with SEM Hot Rod Black
- Hopkins Endurance Vehicle Side 4-Flat Connector With LED's for trailer connection
- Poison Spyder 3/4" Recovery Shackle (x4)
-----Can be put on the bumpers, but I only have one in the front currently for the winch hook to attach
- Synthetic 10-30 motor oil changed
- Synthetic Transmission fluid changed
- Comes with complete recovery & deflator kit including the following (not shown in pics)
-----Currie E-Z Tire Deflator
-----Smittybilt Vehicle Recovery & Winch Accessory Kit
-----4 inch, 8 Foot Tree Strap, 40k
-----2 inch, 30 Foot Tow Strap, 20k
- Much of the factory hardware and bolts were replaced during the build with higher quality bolts and fasteners. Much of this included stainless steel where grade 8 was not required.
-----All body related bolts were lithium grease protected to prevent water intrusion and corrsosion
-----Please see the PDF parts listing for all the hardware purchased
- Everything was rustproofed. The frame components were all coated with 3M weld thru primer internally, and also the entire frame was coated internally with Eastwood Internal Frame Coating
- Inside of the rockers of the tub was also rustproofed
- The frame was completely restored and even strengthened. No rust, and complete rust protected. This is a sore point for these jeeps. You cannot see the rust inside until it is too late. A frame may look great on the outside but really be paper thin. Be careful looking at other jeeps.
- Frame now has proper drain holes (the factory designed these to rot with no drain holes where they are needed.
- Banks Monster Single Exhaust System, Cat-Back, Stainless, Natural, Polished Tip, Jeep, 2.5L, 4.0L, Kit
- Magnaflow Performance Exhaust - Direct Fit Catalytic Converter 49 State
- Exhaust sounds really good! I was surprised how good it sounds.
- Off Road Only SwayLOC lever control Dual Sway Bar
- Front floor brace on the passenger side was replaced, sealed, and rustproofed
- Drain plug hole with piped through floor brace installed. This lets any water you get in the tub actually leave. Otherwise it runs into the floor brace and makes rust.
- Complete Classic Tube, Stainless Steel Brake Line Set
- Brake fluid replaced with Premium Dot 3 Brake Fluid
- New front brake calipers
- New rear brake wheel cylinders
- Tub and gate completely coated with U-Pol Raptor Black Urethane Spray-On Liner
- Custom 3rd brake light setup with Eagle Eye LED's
- Quadratec Ultimate All Weather Floor Liner Triple Combo for 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ
- Tuffy Series II Security Full Console Black
- Tuffy Security Glove Box Black
- Transfer case fluid changed
- Replaced bushings and retainers on rear seat
- Redline Accessories Black Leather Shift Boot with Burgandy Stitching installed. This gets rid of the thick restrictive stock rubber one.
- Brushed Aluminum Ball Shift Knob With Red lettering 5 Speed M10x1.5mm
- Replaced inner shift boot
- Replaced the shifter boot on the transmission
- Savvy Off Road Transfer Case Cable Shifter Kit For the 231 installed to get rid of the junk stock setup
- Custom fabricated door strap mounts. Never break those wimpy C hooks on the doors again! This also protects the doors themselves from getting damaged due to swinging the door out.
- New windshield, outer molding, and inner rubber trim
- I am sure there are many details missed here, please see the spreadsheet and build log for much more info
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