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Deciding I might sell my Wrangler. It's a 4.0 5 speed Sport with 180k miles. Here's the craigslist ad: 1998 Jeep Wrangler 5 Speed 4.0L. I want to get at least $5000 for it.

(Text from the craigslist ad)
Testing the waters on my 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sport. It has a 4.0L I6 with a 5 speed and about 180000 miles. Comes with a hardtop and a soft top.

I've owned this for a little more than a year and has been a very reliable ride to me. Runs and drives excellent. A blast to drive, lots of fun in the summer with the top down and doors off. 4x4 works amazing in the snow, it's unstoppable in the winter. Heat works great, AC sometimes blows cold.

-Inspected until 5/14
-Has four new 31 inch BFG A/T tires and a new full size spare, also has four new rims
-New KC foglights
-BRAND NEW (two months old) Bestop Supertop with tinted windows, doesn't leak
-New rear drum brakes
-New hi-lift jack, with a mount behind the rear seats
-New red and black seat covers, front and back
-Fixed miscellaneous wiring issues
-In the process of repainting the interior black, original color was tan. Rear carpet has been removed, front is still there
-Paint is okay, was repainted black sometime in it's life, original color was dark green
-Sound bar with lights, could use new speakers at some point
-Pretty much stock, I have not done any suspension or engine modifications, and have only taken it off road once last year (wasn't anything hardcore, see last picture)

-Check engine light shows codes:
P0320 - crankshaft position sensor reference signal cannot be found
P0138 - O2 sensor shorted to voltage
P1494 - Leak detection pump pressure switch problem
-Exhaust leak somewhere, previous owner didn't do a good exhaust job, has a new tailpipe however
-Has some rust in places, it's a Jeep from New England
-Tailgate sags when you open it with the spare tire on
-Two piece hardtop leaks: previous owner put a sunroof in and it leaks, also leaks at the point where the two pieces meet, fixable with some caulk.
-Drivers seat has a large rip on the front corner
-Passenger door is hard to open
-Hood has some scratches

I'm hoping to get the check engine light fixed and the interior finished by this weekend. I want to get $5300 OBO. I don't need to sell it so if the offer isn't good enough I won't sell it. Maybe interested in trades for a RWD car, no autos.

Email me if you're interested. Thanks for looking.
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