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I own a 1998 Jeep TJ, I'm a first time owner as well and I'm loving it!

The first problem that I am facing with mine unfortunately is that I recently had a major leak/spill of the power steering fluid. What happened was that I was reversing back into my driveway and because of the tight roads in my neighborhood, I had to turn my tires all the way to the right whilst reversing. Apparently it felt like I turned my wheels way too FAR and a lot of PS fluid began to spill from under which caused white smoke to appear.

After that of course I was having a hard time turning the steering wheel. I took a look under and had difficulty finding where the fluid was spilled from. Fluid got spilled everywhere and shot up to the hood too. It looked like it came from the lower steering shaft (a cylinder shaped container looking thing) close to where it connects with the steering box. My question is, does PS fluid travel through there? And if yes, could that be the problem?

I checked all the hoses in the surrounding area and everything looks fine, the steering box itself looks fine too, and I am hoping that it's not that as I don't see anything leaking from the box itself.

What sucks is that I had already reversed into my driveway multiple times, this one time I guess I turned the wheel way too much. It' s mainly stock with a 3" inch lift and 33" tires. Not sure what to do from here, thanks.
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