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My TJ started acting up about a week ago, it wouldn't start after sitting overnight. I had a new distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, and ignition wires installed by my mechanic, which solved the problem for 2 days. (Note: here, the Jeep refused to start after arriving on the wrecker, so the mechanics were able to diagnose the problem). However, this wasn't the only problem/pieces that failed, based on what happened 2 days later.

I tried to leave work the next evening after a 3 hour shift, and the Jeep wouldn't start again. Had the Jeep towed back to my mechanics (after it sat in a parking lot all weekend), except this time, after a trip over on the wrecker, she fired right up. Based on the tendency of the crankshaft position sensor to fail, I had a new one installed, as I didn't want to be left stranded anywhere.

All was fine and good for about 2 days, when it didn't start again. I had the Jeep towed back to the mechanics (AAA FTW), and it fired up again when they got her off of the wrecker. The mechanics have kept the Jeep overnight, and it started fine this morning. They're going to keep it over the weekend to see if it'll act up again. Any idea(s) about what's going on or why on earth it doesn't start in my driveway, but after riding on a flatbed, will start right up only an hour or so later?

The Jeep is a 1998 TJ, 2.5L I4 with the AX-5, @ 168k. I have a new water pump, starter, belts/hoses, crankshaft sensor, distributor cap, ignition wires, spark plugs, rotor, and I change the oil religiously every 3k. The battery is around a year old, and works fine (had it tested at Auto-Zone when the starter went out b/c I thought it was the battery). When I press the clutch/break in, and try to start the engine, the starter works, but the engine never catches/cranks up. The Check Engine light illuminates briefly, but then turns off after 1-2 seconds.

Any help, information, and/or insight would be appreciated :)


(On the bright side, I'm getting some new pieces for the 'heep :punk: )
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