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1st and 2nd gear on an automatic transmission?

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Are these for offroading cause I know in a manual jeep your supposed to be in those gears? What are they for?
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Moabrubi said:
You ask a lot of questions.
Nothing wrong with asking questions. Well, usually at least.
Moabrubi said:
He has asked at least 5 today. There comes a point when you need to search first. If you can't find a specific answer by searching then fine.
Oh, your right I didn't see that. A little much there op.

And op, what do you mean? I don't have an auto, but doesn't yours have the 42rle? That's a 3 speed with over drive right? So I would think your 1st and 2nd gears would be used a lot more than just off road.. I mean my 6 speed stick has a granny first and I still use it on the street. I can't imagine your first is any lower. I do have the 3.07 rear end though..
Yea, I misread the question. My previous post should probably be ignored..
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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