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The 1st Annual White Mountains Jeep Invasion! We will line-up at the Settlers' Green Outlet Village at the 5 Common Court parking lot (Across from Old Navy). Jeeps can start lining up approximately 11am, which will leave time to walk the outlets, get something to eat and come back and check out the Jeeps. Be sure to gas-up before your arrival and grab something to eat before or during the line-up as there is no food or gas along the Kanc'.

I will have event stickers for $20+ donations (1 sticker per truck please as I will have a limited number of stickers so if there is a bigger turn-out than expected they will be handed out on a first come basis). If available a Rep. from AbilityPLUS should be on hand to talk about the organization and collect the donations. If not I will collect donations and the following week will deliver to their office in Manchester.

Approximately 1pm we will roll out and head to the Kancamagus Highway (RT.112W). We will again line-up along the entrance of the Kanc' in case we lost anyone along the way. Then we will make our way across the historic, scenic highway. If there are clear sky's we will make a stop at the Kancamagus Pass outlook.

From here we will make the final stretch into Lincoln, NH where we can head off on our own.

*This is a basic line-up and ride. There are no vendors, oraganizers, etc. We park, hang out, and ride! (maintained roads)
* There is no cost to join in on the line-up.
* While it is a Jeep specific line-up we will not turn away other mod 4x4's that would like to participate.
* We ask that you conduct yourself in a responsible manner during the line-up and ride. Please abide by all motor vehicle laws and be respectful to other drivers on the roads!
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