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2-3" stretch front and rear questions. What springs???

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Ok. I tore up my drive shaft once again and i am trying to figure out what to do this time around. I have either 3 or 4" yj lift springs set up soa. I already relocated the frame mounts for a 7.5" stretch in the rear but I want a little more in the rear plus 2-3 in the front and would also like to lose a couple inches of lift but keep my longer shackles for articulation.

I have been reading about the xj springs for a 3" stretch. But what will they do for height compared to stock yj springs? Will I need to relocate any frame mounts. Also if the height works out, what needs done for the front to work.

If this wont work, what can i use for a couple or so inches of stretch and a couple inches of lift over stock without relocating any spring mounts.

Once I get this all done then I can order me a decent driveshaft and stop playing with stockers
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Just picked up two sets of 7 leaf wagoneer springs 110 bux plus gas. Guess we will see how it works out
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