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2.5" AEV Lift Install Notes 2013 JKUR

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First post - thought I'd try to start with something that will hopefully be helpful to others as I have gained a ton of info from this forum that I used to help with my purchase and modifications. I have also posted this info on the AEV website.

Here is a list of what I believe to be "errors and omissions" in the installation instructions dated July 2012. Some of these are likely subjective and can be corrected or improved upon so please jump in and improve/correct as appropriate. My hope is to save others the approx. 6 hours (and frustration!) these items cost me with the install. Without the posts from this forum and others, I would not have been able to complete the installation so thanks very much for that!

Install notes: Version 7/17/2012 of the AEV 2.5" Dualsport XT Suspension Installation Guide

Omission: Go to the AEV website to download the most recent edition of the manual.

1.A. Omission: Support the frame by placing jack stands at frame jack points below rear doors.

2.C. Error: Disconnect the swaybar end links from the swaybar (DO NOT remove end links)

4. Error and Omission: ...install the track bar inside the track bar tower but do not attempt to install the driver side connection (the track bar will not extend far enough to make this connection until the axel has been raised).

7. Note: Be prepared to have to apply considerable force (approx. 200 lbs) to the front axle from passenger side to driver side of left-hand drive jeeps to reconnect the track bar prior to beginning this effort. One technique is to position jeep passenger side close enough to a wall that you can brace yourself and push the lugs with your feet while a helper installs the track bar bolt into the tower.

7a. Omission: Place jack stands at frame jack points below front doors.

7c. Note: I question the need to disconnect the drive shaft. This should be investigated by AEV. I did disconnect it but it adds a possible unnecessary complication.

7d. Note unusual terminology "frame-side" and "axel side" track bar bolt. For left-hand drive vehicles, "Frame-side" = driver side and "axel side" = passenger side.

8a. Error: Detatch the anti-sway bar link from the anti-sway bar (DO NOT remove anti-swar bar links)

10A Omission: Note that the end link brackets are identical (Note: This appears to me to be a design flaw as noted by others).

10A Picture Omission: Label picture "Passenger Side of Left Hand Drive Vehicles".

10b Error and Omission: Assemble shocks with bushings and washers in the arrangement shown below, NOTING THAT THE UPPER SHOCK ATTACHMENT POINT ON THE JEEP WILL BE SANDWICHED IN BETWEEN THE TWO BUSHINGS.

10b Picture Error: Show Jeep frame sandwiched in between the two bushings.

10b Omission: Remove a semi-circular section of plastic from the upper passenger side (Left Hand Drive Vehicles) shock housing to enable access to the upper shock nut.

10b Error and Omission: It is not possible to follow this instruction using a common allen wrench as there is not enough room in the upper shock area to perform this task. The instruction should accommodate this. Example, wrapping vice grips with electrical tape, pulling down the rubber boot to expose the shaft. Use vise grips to keep the shaft from rotating while tightening the hex nut with a box wrench.

12. Omission. The steering will likely need to be re-centered. Provide instructions for performing this task.
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Here are my before and after pictures. These are 35" Duratracs (315/70/17) on Level 8 Strike 6 wheels. I got 4.25" of lift in the rear and 4.5" of lift in the front. I am a happy customer with the results so far (limited testing so will report back) but not happy with the installation instructions as per my original post.


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That Jeep looks hard! :cool:

Nice look all around, and I'm digging the roof rack.

Have you trimmed the pinch seam and Rubi rails yet? Might want to check that out before doing any flexing.

Thanks very much for this write-up, I am about to start on installing this kit myself and hopefully this might save some pain.

Maybe someone can help with a question before I start with regards to attaching the bump stop spacer. The AEV instructions (section 9D) only says- "install and tighten supplied bump stop spacer hardware." A bit of detail could have really helped here. My reading is that you should just bolt the puck-shaped spacer directly into the drilled bump stop using only a screw into the rubber? Is that all there is to it?

Many thanks again.
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