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2.5 CCV Help

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Ok, I know its not a Jeep but I recently purchased a 96 Dakota with the American Motors 2.5 4 cyl in it. I figured this would be the best place for my question since theres not a lot of info on these motors in the dodge forums.

So The previous owner fashioned an intake out of 2" PVC pipe and a cone filter, no biggie. But what I found is a lot oil residue in the piping, which I dont like. So I can only imagine what the intake mani looks like inside along with the back of the intake valves. So I seafoamed the motor first thing and put new plugs in it. Its already running better.

I decided to make a new intake jut cause i dont like the one on it. But I wanna fix this oil in the intake problem first. I know the CCV system consists of two lines coming off the valve cover, one going to the intake tube and one to intake mani correct? Well heres whats goin on on my motor. I got one big hose coming from the back/top og the valve cover going into the intake pipe about 6-8" before the throttle body. Then on the front/drivers side of the valve cover theres a nylon plug that im guessing shouldnt be there and I noticed a brass plug threaded into the intake mani right under the throttle body which im also guessing shouldnt be there.

So to recap, I have a custom intake made of 2" pvc piping and large tube coming from the back/top side of the valve cover into the intake pipe.

In all honesty I would like to just vent the crankcase to the atmosphere instead of running it back throught the intake, but I dont know much about this motor and what affect it would have.

Thoughts/opinions/ideas on a plan of action I should take?!
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