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At 2.5" of lift you can leave your track bars and everything else stock and in place, don't redrill holes for track bars if the instructions say to, it will put the axle off center just as far the other way or the holes will have to be too close together.

Don't use the transmission/transfer case drop if supplied, if you notice any drive line vibrations, I doubt you will, but if you do, you can solve them easily by installing an inexpensive 1.25" body lift and a 1" motor mount lift. It's kinda silly at 2.5" of lift to then drop your trans/trans skid an inch and nearly negate the lift.

A 2.5" lift coupled with a 1.25" body lift is the best route anyway, this nets you almost 4" (3.75") overall and makes more than enough room to run 33"s for mild off roading. Keep in mind however that going up to 33"s means eventually needing to do some minor axle upgrades (like alloy shafts and depending on your engine/trans a re gear).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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