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2.5in rough country lift.

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The lift for my wranglerbwill be in very soon i just want to be clear on how im doing it basically off with the old in with the new but dont fully tighten it all down till i put the jeep on the ground right?
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I put the exact some lift in mine, and it seems like it is a lot higher than 2.5 inches, but I love the look. The only warning I will say is expect the Main Spring bolts not to come out easily or in three out of four not at all. I have to cut them out. Also be careful when putting the sleeves into the spring bushings. There are two different sizes, the larger diameter sleeves are for the main spring bolts (near center of jeep body) while the outside edges use the thinner sleeves.

Figured the whole things should have taken no more than 4 hours (or 6 with beer), but it took almost a month and 10 diamond tipped cutting blades in the sawzall.
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