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So, here is where i'm at. I've got a 2" coil spring lift (proper lift), just added Smittybilt flatties. I can literally stick my head in my fender between the top of the fender and the current 33" tires I have on there now. My initial inclination was to swap to 285/75R18's (35X11) when my 33's wear out; which won't be too far out. I wanted to keep from having to buy wheels but wanted to move up in tire size. I'm already running 4.56 gears. But, after pricing that size tire, which isn't a common size, it's pretty darn pricey. I'd be set back probably around 1500-1600 dollars for 4 installed.

With all that said, I can get 4 of the tires I have now in a 37 for 275 bucks each. (1100 bucks) Then the price of 4 wheels with the proper back spacing i'm right at about the same amount of cash. So i'm humoring the idea of going to 37" tires instead of the 35's.

The question is with bumpstops. The Rancho lift came with bump stop extensions, which work perfect with the 33's. I figured with a 35, and after adding the flat fenders, i wouldn't need to change anything, I.E., stopping the tire in the same spot should be good with the added clearance. But, with 37" tires, what are you guys thinking on the bumpstops?
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