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Does anybody know if the 2015 hard rock comes stock with a 2" Mopar lift kit? I was told that it does and it clearly sits taller than other editions but I cannot find documentation anywhere.

The Wrangler springs are based on numbers (the last two numbers on the spring tags)... typically a Sport will be 17/57, a Rubi will be 18/59, and a Hard Rock will be 19/60. There is a small difference with each climb in number. So a typical mod would be for a Sport person like myself to get a hold of Rubi or Hard Rock springs and get a small "lift" as a result, since they sit a bit higher than the Sport.

Hard Rocks do not come with the Mopar 2" lift kit unless it is a dealer aftermarket install. Then they will add wheels and tires and add like $7,000 to the sticker price.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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