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2" lift on 2-door '21 Rubicon

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I recently purchased a '21 2-door Rubicon with full warranty, so must use Jeep/Mopar parts. I want a 2" lift but still keep OEM tires. I'm being told diff stories depending on who I ask. One dealership said must go with bigger tires; another shop says I will be fine with OEM tires. Any thoughts?
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You don’t have to get bigger tires, but your Jeep will look goofy.

This is my JL after it got the Mopar lift; before it got 35-inch tires. These are 33.2-inch tires, to boot; 0.5-inch taller than the stock tires on your Rubicon.

After you get bigger tires, you will need to recalibrate the speedometer. You can either have the dealer do it —normally for $100-$150– or buy a $330 Tazer programmer and do it yourself.

You can do a bunch of other wonderful things with a Tazer, like disable ESS, disable weather alerts, etc.
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BTW, you don’t really have to buy Mopar parts to keep your warranty. It all depends on the dealer.

My local Jeep dealer refused to do warranty work on my 2018 JKUR on account of the Mopar lift and the factory steel bumpers. The Service Manager was a dick; so that’s that. On the other hand, you will find other dealers who will honor the warranty regardless of mods.

Teraflex and AEV make top-quality Jeep lifts. I am very happy with this Mopar lift. But you better get your dealer’s commitment that they will honor the warranty after you get a lift, Mopar or otherwise.
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