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2" suspension lift

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Hello People, I am new to this site and a fairly new JEEP ( 1999) Wrangler owner. I have a couple of questions. I want to put a 2" suspension lift on, I already have a 2" body lift. Any recommendations include part# please ( pro comp, skyjacker, rancho, etc) and what are some problems to look for when installing. Also I have a severe rattling noise, I can feel through the peddles when on chatter bumped roads and two tracks. I had it on the hoist and cannot find anything loose, THANKS!
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for lift I suggest
but many people will suggest OME shocks and lift from DPG off road i would guess

second, are you sure you checked everything, the driveshaft doesnt turn at all, the tires are alinged, the tires are balanced

wait i just re read it you have chatter over dirt roads, what did you expect the ride to be like a cadillac?? (J/K), but seriously is it really severe, or just like shaking
yeah its pretty serious "clunky rattle"
Are the shocks ok? Bushings and mounts? But if you can feel it through your feet, it might be a body mount or tranny mount. I'd get under it and reinspect the whole underside again.
hmmm could you of made i big dent on your shock and not noticed this? did it just start, like maybe something broke, or has it gotten progressivly worse?

my brains fried, time to go study for finals ugh
It hasnt gotten worse. I didn't notice it when I test drove it because i stayed on the black top, we had over a foot of snow at the time...all info is very helpful, i was thinking bushing too, any type of mounts, i will be going over now thanks!
Welcome aboard. Noticing your screen name I gotta ask. Do you have any affiliation to the Tread Lightly Organization?
TC skid on tight? mine was a little lose and it made a clanky sound
friday i ordered a 2'' procomp lift from

326$ after tax and free shipping

comes with coils and shocks.. not a BB

if u wanna wait 2 weeks.. ill tell u how it rides when i get home from workin outta state
again i HIGHLY recommend rustys over JCwhitney, they have way better customer service, it will be a little bit cheaper, it will probabaly come quicker, and it is not a BB, but maybe the pro comp shocks and coils rides better, but i doubt it
if you want the (in my opinion) best suspension buy an OME lift.
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