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Hi. We got hit with the big snowstorm in the Midwest and it's been fun using the Wrangler to get us around. I pretty much only use the 4WD during winter. Within the last year I did do the recommended 4WD service at the prodding of the dealership. Probably unnecessary, but I like to take care of the Jeep.
Today we backed it out of the snow-covered driveway and I saw a trail of black, oil-like drops on the snow. I checked the garage and no stains there, so I think it must only be leaking when the part-time 4WD is in use. Actually, this is probably also the first time we've used the 4WD since the service.
Does anyone have an idea what this might be:confused: Hopefully just a seal or something? Not a great time to have to take it in, of course, since it's getting us where we need to go during all this snow!
Thanks for any ideas.
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