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2000 tj with a 2003 hard top different harnesses

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I have a 2000 T.J. and have a 2003 hard top on it with defrost and wiper. The wiring harness from the hard top is different from the wiring harness that runs to the back of the jeep.

Well, I asked a week ago about this and got a link to an adapter that cost $50.00. After I spent about a day just trying to figure out which wires went to what I broke down and ordered the adapter thinking that it would just link up both harnesses. WRONG. All it does is plug into the hardtop harness with wires sticking out the other end so you can splice them together...which is what I would have been doing anyways with out the adapter. :mad:

I can't figure out what wires to splice together, and it doesn't help that there is like 6 on the hard top side and 8 or 9 on the jeep side. :confused:

Does anyone have/know where I can get a wiring diagram that will help me?

I also installed the rear defrost switch which has 2 lights in it, one for when the headlights are on it lights up the button (this one works). The other is for when you press it, it shows that the defroster is on, well it doesn't light up...its not the bulb because I took my fog light switch bulb out and switched them.

I am just trying to avoid paying a dealer to get this stuff done.