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Hi Folks,

I just replaced the soft top on my son's 2001 TJ so I now have a complete soft top for sale. Its black with clear windows and includes:
Soft top
3 Windows
Complete frame
Door surrounds
All hardware (brakets, bolts, screws, etc.)

Condition: Good
Its a little faded, the windows have a fair amount of scratches but there are no holes or rips and you can see through them fine. No leaks. The zipper on the rear window was a little coroded at the very end so I didn't take it completetly off of the top. One of the door surrounds has a crack at the hinge but we put some black RTV on it and and its fine with no leaks or problems.

Price: $250 for everything.

Shipping: The frame pieces a too big to ship so this whole thing will have to be picked up in central NJ.

PM me if you're interested and we can arrange to meet.
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