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2001 Jeep TJ exhaust manifold

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Hey guys and girls,
New to the forums and this is my first post. I just bought a jeep tj and its exhaust manifold needs to be replaced before it can pass smog (gotta love Cali)Anyways I've seen plenty of discussions and endless videos which cover this problem for all the pre-2000 TJ's but nothing too clear for my year and up. I've opted to do the repair myself so I'm a little confused on the parts I need specifically the manifold itself because there are a lot to choose from. Any help would be appreciated.
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assuming you have a 4.0??? if its a 4 banger I cant help
I think the manifold/ header issue was fixed in 2000, if yours is cracked or warped, buy one that has the bellows on each end, a junkyard is where dad got his $10 for a 2004 LJ had a machine shop check $free, new gasket, good to go!

the pre-bellows all seem to have some type of issue
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The 2000 up 4.0 exhaust is different as it was designed to fit the mini cats used in 2000 calif and all federal/calif 2001-2006 4.0as they went to 50 state emissions

None of the 97-99 info applied and the ports in the head are different starting in 2000 so none of the early style will even fit without an adapter and double exhaust manifold gaskets

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sorry for the miss information,
I was unsure of year they divided the manifold and went to pre cats
What did the smog tech fail it for?
The smog tech failed it because of the fumes puffing out at the manifold due to the crack in the joints where all the pipes met. The welds are weak points on this portion of the exhaust, and over time it just falls apart. I understand that this issue was fixed on my year of jeep but the previous owners must've put a cheap aftermarket one on there.
After extensive research and not finding any legit "new" replacement part for it, I got a junkyard exhaust manifold off ebay. On my year jeep (2000 and up) they did fix the manifold issue in the previos TJ's. Mine does have the mini cats which splits the manifold into a front and rear. They both attach to their own mini cats then after the mini cats they join into one which goes into the actual catalytic converter.

Also when I ordered the parts, I also got brand new hardware and a new gasket. The instal was a pain in the neck and after doing it I realized that I should have done a write up. Thanks for everybodys input it was a big help.
Oh yeah its a 4.0 L inline 6
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