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Hello fellow jeepers
I bought a 2 door tj about a year ago, it's a 2003 rubicon with the 4.0 I6 (80,000 miles)
Recently I've been thinking about upgrading for more space and for two more doors and a longer wheel base when crawling ect
The jk would be a 2007-8 with about 110k miles

What are you guys opinion's on the switch.
Keep the 2003 or upgrade to the 2007-8.
I don't know too much about the v6 pen star engine but I've herd good and bad responses to the crappy peppy ness in comparison to the I6

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even though I am GENERALLY against a Rubi......(IMO most people don't need one, and the people that truly need one, need MORE than a RUBI)........but hey your Jeep/ your choice.......okay if ya still are following this train of thought.... I like my JKs...both of them....built after '11....with the Pentastar. IMO keep your RUBI until you can switch for a Pentastar/ '12 or newer....and yeah I had a TJ for 11years I can compare them.....GOOD LUCK!!!
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