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hey guys, first time here for me, tried a search but not the answers i was looking for.. My jeep does not start with the key but does by jumping starter, now in my pdc i have a HBL relay (for rear defrost) which also is my anti theft for starting, this is the relay that is clicking when key is turned on and not the starter relay.. is this normal ??

here is what i have tried so far..battery at 12.7+ volts, 12 volts + at starter fuse and relay with key off, put 20a fuse at #20 in fuse box for clutch switch bypass, checked all connections (did not see anything wrong)

only thing left i guess would be the ignition switch but pin seems to be ok as i had this problem with my other jeep before (lost starting position)

any ideas before i pull the switch appart ??? thanks
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