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So, for those craving a Jeep Unlimited, there is a box stock one near where I live in Aiken, SC. People put their vehicles up at the local credit union and this one was there today. It still had temp tags on it so someone looks like they are flipping it.

It looks like it has not been molested in any way outside of some spotlights up front. I actually had to look inside to make sure it had a 4x4 lever! Top looked good. I did not look real close, but the body looked good.

This vehicle is not mine. Just to be clear. I'm passing this on for someone who is interested in what looks like an unmodified vehicle. Wheels and tires have been changed. Its not a Rubicon. It just had "Unlimited" stated under the "Jeep" emblem.
If you can't read the attached phone number, here it is: 803-645-0307

I don't know why the pictures turned out sideways or upside down. Apologies.




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