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So my work (work for a dealer) took a 2005 rubi LJ for 155k in on trade. Boss wants to send it to auction but I said give me a couple weeks to try and get a jeeper to buy it.

Hard and soft top (softtop doesn't look like it was ever used)
Tuffy lock box in rear
Daily driven and honestly I don't think he ever used the lockers
Minimal rust. Frame looks great, two rust spots on each front fender but nothing dramatic
Runs great, got up to 75mph and no wobble at all.
4.0 w/ 6speed

Only drawbacks i've noticed are that it gets some bump steer when it hits big pot holes, but what jeep doesn't lol. And it's not thrilled about shifting into reverse when it's cold. Just takes a little umph lol.

All stock. Minimum is 9k (he knows he'll get 10,500 at auction at lowest so it's more a favor to me letting me sell it). Have like a week to get it sold. Let's make it happen.
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