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Selling my 2005 LJ. Had big dreams for it, but having a 3rd vehicle has proven to be a burden. Kids can't get in the back seat very well, and I never found the time to use it as it was meant to be.

The Jeep is mods have ever been installed (aside from a new muffler and a bluetooth stereo) and it is completely rust free (city Jeep it's whole life). It's also got a brand new set of BFG A/T K02s (33s) with about 1k miles on them. The interior is immaculate with no tears or stains. Comes with hardtop and soft, both with tinted windows. Also comes with new Weathertech floor mats front and back.

What I've done so far...
New Valve Cover Gasket
New Rear Main Seal and Oil Pan Gasket. The Jeep doesn't leak a drop of oil ANYWHERE.
New Radiator and Hoses
New Battery
New Harmonic Balancer & Front Crankshaft Seal
New Axle Seals along with Lube Locker Reusable Differential Seals
New Brake Pads

It's got the classic bent shift fork problem of the NSG 370 and a bad input bearing. I'm going to be installing a remanufactured transmission from High Gear Transmission out of Memphis, TN. It will come with a 12 month warrantee from those guys.

Jeep is currently in Wichita Falls, TX. PM me if you'd like to talk by phone. Also, let me know if you need the VIN for Carfax or anything. 0 Accidents, first 2 owners were brother and sister, and now me.

78k miles

$17,250 OBO

If you're interested in making a deal prior to me replacing the trans, I'm open to that as well. Drives fine, but currently jumps out of first gear and reverse if it's not held in there. $15,000 OBO would take it in that case.

- Rich


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